Shown on this website are a variety of printmaking techniques including intaglio (eg drypoint, etching, collagraph), relief (woodblock and linocut) and planographic (screenprint and stone lithography). Collagraph is currently my main medium of choice. These are prints pulled from textured, collaged plates. I use mountboard as the basis for the plate, gluing on additional elements and cutting into and peeling off layers. When completed it is sealed with dilute PVA glue and left to dry before intaglio prints are taken from it.

Most of the prints are in limited editions, never greater than thirty; I often make 'varied editions' where the same plate is used to print from, but each image is unique because changes are made perhaps in colour, the way the plate is wiped, or by added chine colle elements.

I am currently exploring the combination of traditional printmaking with contemporary techniques in the use of digitally-prepared chine colle papers, which are printed using archival inks on Chinese mulberry paper before applying during the intaglio printing process. This allows for a great deal of experimentation with colour and atmosphere.